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The company’s services include mailing lists, data processing, mailing services, fulfilment services and graphic design solutions.

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Star Mailing is committed with providing the right means with cost-efficient prices our customers love. We get the job done on time and deliver the results of successful mailing campaigns to accomplish your goals of growing your business!

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Star Mailing Service lnc. is your one-stop-provider for your mailing services in the Los Angeles/Glendale area. Expect the best results by letting us handle your mail campaign/direct mail needs. Our vast knowledge and experience will ensure that your next direct mail campaign goes much faster in the mail stream and into the right hands depending on your audience. Please feel free to fill out our contact form to request an estimate or go ahead and call us today at (818) 502-9966, our customer service specialists will be standing by.

Types of Mailing

Star Mailing offers a wide range of mailing and shipping services. Whether you are sending material across town, country, or the world, Star Mailing Service will provide the right means and costs to get the job done per your instructions.

Mailing Services:



Preparing your order for mailing and shipping is our pleasure. We gladly help all our clients with each entrusted contact list that will receive your material while you save on mailing and delivery costs without sacrificing fast delivery.

These Include:


Star Mailing Services takes pride in using state-of-the-art technology to ensure quality service with accuracy for our clients. We offer low affordable prices to make mailing services a smart investment to leverage your business with confidence of receiving the promised results.

Tech-Driven Services

To assure the timely completion of your project, Star Mailing Service offers a variety of data services.


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